Submit To Our Spring Offers

Stand by for a week of classic matches for up to half their normal price! Each day from Monday March 27th to Sunday April 2nd we’ll have a brilliant offer for you: Mon Mar 27 – 50% off – Maximum Submissions 3 (Brooke Blonde vs Raven) Tue Mar 28 – 33% off – Tyrant […]

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Download – Laken And The Lord

London grappler, Laken begins this match confidentally, telling Lord Tyrant that the T on his singlet stands for teddy bear. “You’re going to be my teddy bear” she teases him and its not long before she jumps on his back and applies a pretty effective looking sleeperhold. Its an impressive start by the wrestler in […]

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Download – No Holds Barred

“I’m going to enjoy beating you up today” warns Lisa King before the bell rings in this womens singles rematch. However, Axa Jay – who was beat down last time they wrestled – attacks first, grabbing her opponent by the hair and tossing her into a corner. It sets the tone for this no holds […]

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Download – Bodyslammin’

Probably the greatest rivalry within is between Lord Tyrant and Lisa King and now they return for a special bodyslams challenge. Lisa’s been working out and, desperate to show off her strength, she challenges her opponent to a first to five bodyslams contest. Mistake. Big mistake. Tyrant gives her a free pass to apply […]

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