Download – Meet the Rookies

Grapple fans, we present to you, two newcomers to wrestling who attended our first rookies’ boot camp… HOPE: 23 years old 5’5″ Signature hold: “Abandon All Hope” (a crushing side head scissor) PORTIA POISON 28 years old 5’1″ Signature hold: “The Poisoned Rope Choke” (carried out as she drives multiple forearm smashes across the back […]

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Support new wrestling talent

Here is a unique way to support brand new British female wrestlers who you won’t have seen anywhere else! This month, we are running our first ever boot camp for rookies – a group of young women ready to enter the ring and train for female and integender matches. Support this boot camp and you’ll […]

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September Flash Sale

Grab yourself some Great British grunt ‘n’ groan action, with 20% off! 20% off OLD SCHOOL – Gail Jillette vs Toro The Bully 20% off OLD SCHOOL 2 – “Sensational” Susie Starr vs Toro The Bully 20% off TAG TEAM TIME – Barefoot Belle/Lisa King vs Toro The Bully/Lord Tyrant 20% off TAG TEAM TIME […]

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You Tube Bouts Part 6

Here’s our latest round up of recommended free female and mixed matches you can watch on You Tube courtesy of kind promoters in the UK and US. First up, its no holds barred for Seleziya Sparx who makes Matt Cross’ eyes water in this match up from Absolute Intense Wrestling. Womens action next, as Candy […]

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