Download – Lisa’s Bad Day

We see Lisa warming up before a match with a mystery opponent who she says is flying in from Japan to wrestle. Cut to later that day. Her international match did not go well and she’s is clearly suffering. Toro picks up on this but before he can tease Lisa she hits him with a […]

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Last Chance To Buy

The clock is ticking grapple fans – its your last chance to buy a collection of ten matches that we’re moving into the archive to make way for a wave of exciting new downloads in 2018! These contests will be on sale throughout December but in the new year they will disappear from the website […]

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Download – Tweedle Die vs Mila

If you’ve watched Mila Naniki wrestle for us, you’ll know she is one tough woman but is she tough enough to overcome the gigantic Tweedle Die? The pair square up and trade insults – she says he’s too big to wrestle, he calls her a puny little girl. Mila quickly proves him wrong with kicks […]

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Download – Joey vs Mila

American indie star Mila Naniki has already proved herself to be a fearsome grappler at but she ain’t impressing her latest opponent, British wrestler, Joey. Before the first lock up, he winds Mila up by informing her where the kitchen is – bad idea. Not only does the fierce female match her opponent move […]

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