Download – Laken And The Lord

London grappler, Laken begins this match confidentally, telling Lord Tyrant that the T on his singlet stands for teddy bear. “You’re going to be my teddy bear” she teases him and its not long before she jumps on his back and applies a pretty effective looking sleeperhold. Its an impressive start by the wrestler in […]

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Download – No Holds Barred

“I’m going to enjoy beating you up today” warns Lisa King before the bell rings in this womens singles rematch. However, Axa Jay – who was beat down last time they wrestled – attacks first, grabbing her opponent by the hair and tossing her into a corner. It sets the tone for this no holds […]

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Download – Bodyslammin’

Probably the greatest rivalry within is between Lord Tyrant and Lisa King and now they return for a special bodyslams challenge. Lisa’s been working out and, desperate to show off her strength, she challenges her opponent to a first to five bodyslams contest. Mistake. Big mistake. Tyrant gives her a free pass to apply […]

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Download – Super Johnny

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Super Johnny! This first to four submissions contest is a battle between good and evil and it seems Toro The Bully may have met his match. His 300 lbs bulk charges into our masked superhero with no effect and Johnny doesn’t even flinch at being […]

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Download – Jordynne vs Manic

Jordynne Grace and Maria Manic may be two of America’s brightest indie grapplers but this match has the spirit of Brit pro wrestling running right through it! Its in the back and forth action of this best out of 3 contest, the variety of holds and even the classic old school gear. Maria starts things […]

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Download – Working Over Laken

If you’ve watched one of Toro The Bully’s first matches in which he rentlessly targeted Lisa King’s legs, you’ll have an idea of what to expect in this latest contest. His plan is to again focus on working over certain parts of his opponent’s body but the opponent this time is Laken and his targets […]

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