Download – Submit To Scorpion

Popular London based grappler and lover of shiny ring wear,  Scorpion gets to show off her submission hold skills in this challenge contest against Toro The Bully. The wrestlers take it in turns to lock onto the other potential finishers until the masked heavyweight is forced to tap out and loses it! Scorpion’s head is […]

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Download: Flexible Foes

Its the gymnast versus the dancer, as debuting Inferno takes on Laken. Its a back and forth, best out of 3 contest as each of these British wrestlers sets out to bend the other into submission. Sure, both women are flexible because of their backgrounds but just how much twisting can each of their bodies […]

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Download: Lisa Strikes Back

Lisa King and Lord Tyrant’s rivalry usually sees her squashed by the masked man but this time the match does NOT go all his way! As the bell rings the fan favourite, wrestling in a new two piece outfit, wastes no time, raining down blows on the big man and driving her shoulder into his […]

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