The Lord of The Ring

Meet my tag partner, super heavyweight mauler Lord Tyrant.

You will be able to see the self proclaimed Lord of the Ring in all his squashing glory in bouts coming soon at

Standing at 6’00” and weighing in at 280lbs, can any female wrestler take down this most regal man mountain???

Background image edited from Flickr by Jay Galvin / CC BY 2.0
Cover pic and above: Background image edited from Flickr by Jay Galvin / CC BY 2.0

His Lordship graciously granted me some time to ask him a few questions:

Tell us about yourself.

I am Lord Tyrant and as you can pretty much figure I am no ordinary wrestler, I am a blue blood wrestler, I am a gentleman with nobility and I am here to clean this once honourable sport and siphon out the dull creatures who bring disgrace to this once noble of sports. I hail from the Bailiwick of Jersey in the Channel Islands and I have been interested in the sport of wrestling since a tender young age.

When did you realise that Professional Wrestling was something you wanted to do?

Hmm, well it started at a young age, I believe I was in my early teens, when wrestling sparked my interest, prior to this I joined such clubs as Karate and Judo, and I would say these sports helped my influence in taking up wrestling.

How would you describe your wrestling style?

Well I am an avid believer of British Pro Style Wrestling, and have followed in those footsteps, I have had the belief that British Pro Wrestling was a lot more technical and had more skill as opposed to our American cousins.

Lotd Tyrant crabs Lisa Fury
Lotd Tyrant crabs Lisa Fury

What are your favourite wrestling holds?

I have many holds which I enjoy but they are and certainly not limited to camel clutch, bear hug, body and head scissor locks, surfboard holds, full nelson, tree of woe and boston crab both single and full, I can go on but then I would get carried away.

What is your signature finisher?

I call it ‘The Tyrant Stretch’, it is derived from the boston crab but has my own flair.

Who would you like to face in the squared circle?

I have many who I hope can pick up the gauntlet and face me in the ring. Wrestlers such as the great Pippa L’vinn, the desirable Shelby Beach, the devastating Viper, and of course the fantastic Lisa (again). If I could choose a female tag team partner, I think I could get on quite well with Lisa, she has an air of sophistication around her, and in a way I can relate to her.

What is your motto?

If you haven’t seen the lights, you haven’t wrestled me yet.

Thank you your Lordship.

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