Who is Toro?

My wife and partner in crime at promixedwrestling.com, Dia said it was time I revealed more about who I am. So, here is her interview:

Dia: How would you describe your wrestling style?

Me: You know; I like to cheat. And I say that proudly. Doesn’t everyone love to hate the bad guys and gals? If you’re booing me, I am doing something right. I ask, why are there ropes around a ring if they’re not to be used? I am not a high flying wrestler. I am happiest down on the canvas, wearing an opponent down and targeting one part of her body is often a successful technique.

Dia: Why mixed wrestling?

Me: I like to play with women more than blokes. Its always been that way. For some reason I get on with women better than men. They also have hotter outfits than guys in the ring. The classic look of leotards and shiny tights rocks. I think there is a latent crossdresser in me! Seriously though, female wrestling is bigger than ever. There is so much talent in the UK alone and it is great news for mixed wrestlers like me.

Dia: Who have you wrestled?

Me: I think my first pro style bout was against Honey from the UK. I’ve fought some girls in the US including Kordelia Devonshire of Sleeperkidsworld fame who was a lot of fun. This year you and I did some training with British legend Pippa l’Vinn and it was an honour. What a wrestler and such a great teacher. My last and next opponent is Lisa King who is also super talented.

Diabolica has me!
Dia has me!

Dia: Who would you like to wrestle?

Me: Too many names to mention! Let’s see, in the UK, I’ve been talking to Minxy Li about shooting sometime and I really hope these bouts come off. A tag match between myself and Lord Tyrant vs Debbie Sharp and Sammii Jayne would be fun. These two have the great vintage look of a female tag team, with a lot of personality. Toni Storm also looks like she’d be an awesome opponent, with the glamour of a Diva and the skills of a classic pro wrestler. In the US, Barbi Hayden, Rock C and Mary Elizabeth Monroe would be on my wishlist plus many others.

Dia: Tell us your plans for promixedwrestling.com

Me: I want to create a site where I can share my love for pro mixed wrestling with articles and links plus offer unique bouts to download. Inspired by Sleeperkid in many ways I don’t just want to produce a video store. I want to create lots of free content for people like me to enjoy and also produce downloadable pro mixed matches with a British flavour. The first bouts will be available from mid October.

So….now you know!

5 thoughts on “Who is Toro?

  1. Its about time we had something like this. I’m the same as you Toro in that I’ve l been into mixed wrestling since my very early teens (tomboy sister who loved to wrestle and use me as her opponent). I have had 4 bouts in the ring with the glorious Pippa L’Vinn (yes I went for the best as I wanted a challenge) suffice to say she whooped me easily every time.


    1. Thanks for the kind comment. Pippa is my hero(ine), for sure! Please let me know what you think of the site (and our bouts) as it develops.


      1. I shall be watching this site and commenting accordingly and if you ever think of letting other enthusiasts take part in matches then count me in.


  2. Hi Toro I love mixed wrestling too. I have wrestled in UK Monica, Shelby Beach, Awesomeanni, Maggie, Kathy and others in Europe and also girls from USA. Is possible to meet girls at your mats? With greetings Nico Jo


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