8 Things To Know About Lisa

The team at promixedwrestling.com couldn’t be happier that British star Lisa King will appear in our first downloadable bouts. If you’ve seen the pictures from her first private match against me, you’ll know she can wrestle and she looks great but what else is there to know about Miss King?

1. Lisa is 5’5″ and 130 lbs.

2. She comes from Liverpool, UK.

3. She’s pro wrestled for more than 10 years.

4. Her opponents include one of Britain’s best loved heels, Klondkye Kate.

Klondyke Kate vs Rusty Blair
Klondyke Kate vs Rusty Blair

5. In the US she wrestled WWE’s Beth Phoenix, suffering her Glam Slam finisher.

6. The Camel Clutch is Lisa’s favourite hold.

7. She beat promixedwrestling.com’s Toro The Bully in their first private match, winning with a double toe leglock/arm stretch submission.

Lisa pulls for the submission

8. But she was beaten by our Lord Tyrant at the same event after tapping to his Boston Crab.

Compiled with help from The Adventures of a Mixed Wrestler blog and Lisa’s Session Girls page and we plan to release her first downloadable bouts in mid-October 2015!

Last 2 images (c) Toro’s Pro Mixed Wrestling 2015

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