We go back in time to an age when wrestling was fought over a number of rounds and grapplers would win by two falls, two submissions or a knockout. But you never got to watch the battle of the sexes this way, until now!

In the red corner, weighing in at 135 lbs, international superstar Gail Jillette. And her opponent, weighing 250 lbs, the masked mauler, Toro The Bully.

Despite Toro’s bad reputation Gail insists on shaking his hand as the bell rings, will her sportswomanship rub off on the heavyweight or just rub him up the wrong way?

Each wrestler has strong rounds but one wins strongly as their opponent can take no more.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!

Our longest bout yet, at almost 18 minutes. Only £11.99

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Toro wins!