Intergender Wrestling Hall of Fame 2015

We’ve taken it upon ourselves at to salute some of the grapplers who’ve made contributions to the world of Professional Intergender Wrestling. Guys and gals, we salute you!


We’ve published an article about Candice and her tag team partner Joey Ryan before.  Super talented, she flies the flag for pro mixed wrestling, using the Twitter hashtag #SupportIntergenderWrestling. You may have seen Candice wrestle Johnny Gargano but did you know they’re an item? Check out this documentary where they talk about their life and about intergender wrestling. “Have an open mind”, she says.

(Kenny Johnson / Empire State Wrestling)


Kazza G can be seen wrestling intergender bouts in her native Ireland. Not only can she hold her own against her male opponents but she really knows how to work the crowd and the crowd love her. Kazza says first and foremost she’s regarded as a wrestler by her peers, not as a woman.

(Celtic Championship Wrestling / Wrestledope)


This is the tag team of Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee who’ve been wrestling some awesome intergender bouts for the Beyond Wrestling promotion. With their matching gear, they have the look of a classic ladies tag team and they’ve got the moves to match. The Kimber Bombs put on a great show.

(Beyond Wrestling)


She needs a mention of her own too! Any wrestler who flattens her opponents with four consecutive German supplexes should make the Intergender Hall of Fame!!

(Chikara Pro)

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, the taleneted stars of in 2015, bringing British pro style bouts to download: Gail Jillette, Lisa King, Lord Tyrant and Viper. Thank you so much to each grappler for working with us and bringing your talents to the ring!

Gail works over Tyrant's arm
Gail works over Tyrant’s arm
Wrenching his ankle
Wrenching his ankle
Lord Tyrant's crushing bearhug on Lisa
Lord Tyrant’s crushing bearhug on Lisa

Who did we miss off the list? Please feel welcome to leave your other nominations in the comments section.

Banner pic: Davidlohr Bueso via CC BY 2.0

All pictures (c) 2015

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