Time For Tag Teams

Happy new year Grapple Fans!

Here are a few You Tube videos of intergender tag bouts. Why tag matches? Well, I’ve been thinking of producing more than mixed singles bouts in 2016. Infact we will offer our first 2 vs 1 match soon but what about bringing tag teams to downloads?

Let your imagination run wild as you check out some mixed tag bouts I’ve enjoyed recently. First up, Heidi Lovelace, who really should have made our Intergender Hall of Fame 2015, partnered by the big man Rickey Page versus Penelope Ford, who has the old school look and moves, and DJ Hyde in the singlet. Great entertainment.

(Smart Mark Video)

And here’s action from Canada – a beatdown tag team style. Mary Lee Rose is desperate for a tag by her partner Alex Price vs the team of Chris Arnos and the wonderful Sassy Steph.

(Lutte GEW)

So, tag team bouts at promixedwrestling.com? Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments box or email promixedwrestling@yahoo.com Male vs female teams? Male/female combos, like in these videos (I might have to invest in another mask for my tag partner)? You may even have ideas for potential tag partners within the UK? Let me know Grapple Fans!

(Featured image: Heidi Lovelace in tag action by Mike Kalasnik on Flickr. Used without his permission but via CC BY-SA 2.0 licence.)

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