Download – Minxy’s Dirty Trick

Ladies and gentlemen – its the first 2 vs 1 bout from!

At 140 lbs, Minxy Li faces a tag team weighing almost four times more than her. Tipping the scales at a combined weight of 530 lbs, Minxy’s opponents are Lord Tyrant and Toro The Bully.

Londoner Li is going to need either a miracle to get through this bout or a cunning plan. She opts for the latter, proving she is Minxy by name and minxy by nature.

Toro and Tyrant take immediate control of this match, wrestling dirty, tagging each other in and out and double teaming poor Minxy but will the tables be turned?

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Instant download: 13 minutes 31 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/ 399 MB

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Minxy wins!

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