News – May 2016

08 May 2016 – includes updated download release details!

Its a busy time here at, so I wanted to write a quick note to share with you an update on some of the exciting stuff coming up.

Barefoot Belle is ready to wrestle


Right now, we are confirming orders for our biggest customs shoot yet. Barefoot Belle, Lisa King, Raven and Molly Spartan are the female wrestlers available on May 30. If you’re interested in getting your script produced, let us know asap and we’ll see if we can squeeze it into our shooting schedule.

I can exclusively let you know we’re going to be taping our first ever tag team contest during the day, scheduled for release in June.


Lisa's back in trouble
Lisa’s back in trouble

The third installment in the Squashing Lisa King series will be released by the end of May. This time, I’m in action against the jobber queen.


Over the next month or so, two other popular wrestlers return to downloads – American sweetheart Madi Maxx in a performance Lisa would be proud of and the dominant “Sensational” Susie Starr climbs back into the ring.

Toro dishes out punishment on Madi
Toro dishes out punishment on Madi
Susie takes a look at the damage she’s inflicted


We’ll soon get pages up for two new additions to our customs roster who I can officially announce…now!

First, Ina Black is a medal winning grappler and established on the mixed wrestling scene but now she is ready to lace up her boots and wrestle pro style for us.


And meet the Ultimate Sportswoman, Brooke Blonde. Athletic and technically skilled, Brooke reminds us of the superwomen of GLOW and LPWA.

Brooke tortures a sparring partner
Brooke tortures a sparring partner

To be the first to book pro style customs starring Brooke and/or Ina, you can email me at Remember, although we focus on intergender matches, we can make all female contests too.


The team and I hugely appreciate every match you download from us and every custom you order. It means we can make even more wrestling for you to enjoy. So, a big and sincere thank you for your support and we hope you’ll like what we have in store in the months ahead.

All the best,




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