Previewing May’s Downloads

Friday May 20th sees the release of the third match in the Squashing Lisa King series in which Lisa plays the ultimate jobber!

This time round, Toro steps into the ring unleashing every dirty trick in the book against his opponent – tying her up in the ropes, low blowing, stomach/thigh clawing and even using her new wrestling outfit against her!!

The calm before the heel's storm
The calm before the heel’s storm
Head and hammerlocked
Head and hammerlocked

Catch up now with the first two installments of this series: Squashing Lisa King and Squashing Lisa King 2.

Meantime, if you enjoyed watching “Sensational” Susie Starr clash against Lord Tyrant in our Three Ways Win match, the two wrestlers meet again, in Starr vs Tyrant: The Rematch! Its also released on Friday May 20th.

Susie has quickly proven herself to be a fearsome wrestler and she’s in charge for much of this new contest but the Lord of the Ring has an image to keep up – can he strike back and get the one fall, one submission or even a KO to win?

Susie puts her boot to Tyrant's throat
Susie puts her boot to Tyrant’s throat
Tyrant stalks his prey
Tyrant stalks his prey
Submission attempt

If you missed Susie’s debut match against Toro and reffed by the legendary Pippa l’Vinn, check it out here.

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