Download – Starr vs Tyrant: The Rematch

The title says it all – “Sensational” Susie Starr returns to our ring for a rematch against Lord Tyrant.

The two first wrestled in the download, Three Way Win and Susie made it very clear she’s more than a match for our super heavyweight Lord of The Ring!

Again, “Sensational” Susie takes control of much of this contest – brutally working over her much bigger opponent in the corners, sending his head crashing into posts and putting her boot to his throat. Forearm smashes and kicks rain down on Tyrant who’s also punished by his rival’s arm and leg locks. Susie loves all this, posing and smiling to the camera.

His Lordship does his best to fight back, with his DDT proving as successful as ever in laying his opponent out flat but can he get the momentum he needs to grab the win?

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Instant download:  12 minutes 15 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/ 359 MB

"Sensational" Susie works over Tyrant's arm
“Sensational” Susie works over Tyrant’s arm
Tyrant fights back
Tyrant fights back
Turning the tables
Turning the tables
"Sensationally" dominant
“Sensationally” dominant
Multi-tasking – striking a pose while trying for a submission

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Lord Tyrant wins!

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