Previewing June’s Downloads

June sees the release of our first ever tag team contest! Its a heaven vs hell match up, as the angelic looking Barefoot Belle and Lisa King – The League of Extraordinary Blondes – take on brutal Lord Tyrant and Toro – Bullies R Us.

Belle makes an impressive debut for us and the referee is another newcomer to – Raven. She tries her best to keep order but its an uphill struggle as the team of Bullies R Us fully live up to their name.

We’re calling this match “Tag Team Time” – don’t miss it!

Toro teases the blondes
Toro teases as the blondes desperately stretch to tag
Tyrant the Distractor
Tyrant the Distractor
"If they can fight dirty, so can I."
“If they can fight dirty, so can I.”

In our other June download, American sweetheart Madi Maxx returns to face British bully Toro but his experience and weight advantage spell big trouble for the young rookie.

As you will probably guess from this download’s title, “Maxxed Out”, this is a one sided match in which Madi is at the receiving end of Toro’s wrath. Watch out for the Hammerlock Camel Clutch! Shame Madi didn’t.

A classic submission?
Madi suffers Toro’s Boston Crab
Choking Madi out on the canvas
Madi in serious trouble on the canvas

Download now the first bout between Madi and Toro – Wrestling To The Maxx

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