Previewing More June Downloads

We’re releasing another two matches this month!

The first is Raven’s wrestling debut for us.  The contest starts as a struggle between the black haired bruiser – trained by the legendary Pippa L’Vinn – and her opponent Toro but she quickly grows in confidence to overpower him. Hence the title of this one – Raven The Bully Basher!

Raven gets worked over
Toro = Raven’s seat
Boston Crabbing the bully

Next – take a rookie pro wrestler standing at 4’11” tall, add a 6’2″ super heavyweight, stand well back and watch the fireworks! Our second extra release for June is rightly called The Mismatch as brave Barefoot Belle takes on the power of Lord Tyrant.

At under 5 feet tall, Brave Belle is forced to stretch for this test of strength
Tyrant locks on the camel clutch
Belle's back heading for the corner post
Belle’s back heading for the corner post

Stay tuned to for these two new matches due to be released the weekend of 18/19 June and you can catch up right now with Barefoot Belle’s ring debut in the download Tag Team Time.

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