Download – Raven The Bully Basher

When a wrestler is trained by a legend like British pro star Pippa L’Vinn, you know she is going to be a tough opponent and this is the case here as Raven bashes bully, Toro.

The pair lock up and wrestle for dominance in tests of strength. First Toro is in control as he takes Raven down and attempts an early pin but she is determined to overpower the big man.

The black haired trash talker takes control of much of the match as she uses holds including armbars, belly punches, clotheslines, figure four headlock, kicks and standing head scissors. Has Toro The Bully met his match?

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Instant download: 10 minutes and 51 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/  318 MB

The lock up
Toro wins the test of strength but watch that foot
Raven strikes back
Raven’s vice like grip
Stretching her out
A boot to the bully’s belly

NOTE: Raven will be wrestling your customs on Monday July 11th 2016! Check here for more details or email

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Raven wins!

2 thoughts on “Download – Raven The Bully Basher

  1. Just downloaded this one. Once again my expectations have been exceeded. For lovers of gorgeous; voluptuous skilled female wrestlers, in tight sexy leotards working over a mis-matched male opponent look no further. Raven is awesome in this one.Thank you for a great match!


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