You Tube Bouts Part 5

Toro here with a collection of handpicked female (and one mixed) pro wrestling bouts kindly shared recently by US indie promoters on You Tube.

First up, two of my favourites, Jordynne Grace vs Lufisto. Can the latter’s experience win over Jordynne’s strength? A really great match from Women’s Wrestling Revolution.

Sonya Strong is making her name in intergender action and here’s a hardcore encounter vs Joey Janela from Limitless Wrestling.

I shared the next match with a friend who said it has everything a fan looks for in a great contest! The awesome Veronica Fairchild takes on talented Kiera Hogan in the match from Pro Wrestling Ego.

Ok, a wrestler mismatch here as Candy Cartwright takes on the bigger Faye Jackson, shot by Richard Ruiz for Fight the World Wrestling.

Annnnnnnd last but not least, bad girl Lacy Mendez in blue gives D’Arcy Dixon a hard time in this nicely wrestled bout from Metro Pro Wrestling.

Thank you to the promoters for sharing these well shot and excellently wrestled matches for free on You Tube!


(If any promoter would prefer their match not to be shared in this article, please email me



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