Download – Barefoot Belle vs The Bully

Barefoot Belle shows what she’s made of in this explosive match!

The 4’11” blonde grappler faces big Toro The Bully who lives up to his name for more than half the contest. He brutally targets the bottom half of his opponent – splashing and stomping her legs and yanking and twisting her toes. Toro even takes a bite of one of Belle’s feet.

But the contest turns when Belle seizes an opportunity to attack and gives Toro everything she’s got including a brutal armbar and head scissors. There’s sweet justice for the pocket rocket as she even gets to plant her barefoot across the masked mauler’s face.

Its a match of two halves, as Barefoot Belle shows she is not to be underestimated.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Instant download: 10 minutes, 10 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/ 299 MB

Belle's back, hair and legs under attack
Belle’s back, hair and legs under attack
Belle gets bent
Belle gets bent
Bully bites Barefoot
Bully bites Barefoot
Belle's figure four fury
Belle’s figure four fury
She's got him
She’s got him
Time to submit?
Time to submit?

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Barefoot Belle wins!

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