Download – Squashing Lisa King 4

What is Lisa King thinking of? Agreeing to a handicap match vs the super heavyweights of Her 133 lbs vs their combined weight of 603 lbs.

Welcome to the 4th installment of the Squashing Lisa series in which one of the Britain’s best loved female wrestlers is super jobber!

Lord Tyrant and Toro – the tag duo Bullies R Us – make the most of the chance to double team Lisa from the very start, sending her crashing to the canvas with a double clothesline.

The teamwork continues heavily throughout including a Boston Crab/camel clutch combo and a double lifted bearhug – not the only time Lisa finds herself squashed inbetween the two big men.

Other holds include arm drops, belly claws and punches, bodyslams, corner chops, leg splits, stomps and a tree of woe as Tyrant and Toro turn their heel level up to maximum!


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Instant download: 14 minutes and 15 seconds  / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/ 419 MB

Glamorous Lisa King parades in the ring watched by her super heavyweight opponents
Stomach claw/leg stretch
Splash down
Cranking on a camel clutch and crab
“Count it Tyrant!”
The double teaming punishment continues

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One thought on “Download – Squashing Lisa King 4

  1. Sexy Lisa bit off much more than she could chew, but still looks the sexiest lady ever to climb into a wrestling ring!


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