Download – Lisa’s Revenge

Lisa King stars in this 2 vs 1 grudge match which is so hardcore the wrestlers wreck the ring!

Lisa teams up with Brooke Blonde – making her debut for – to avenge the series of brutal squashings she has suffered at the hands of the brutal man mountain Lord Tyrant.

The women take control fast and punish their opponent with the kind of dirty moves he is used to dishing out, using the corners and ropes, low blows and stomps.

Arm and wrist locks, a Boston crab and camel clutch combo, elbow and leg drops, figure four head scissors and leglocks are all applied, with a huge serving of trash talk from the avenging wrestlers.

You’ll see how part of the ring collapses……aswell as Tyrant’s reign of fear!


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Instant download: 11 minutes and 31 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD/ 338 MB

Ladies and gents – Lisa King and Brooke Blonde
Revenge is a dish best served in spandex!
Lisa finds the way to apply maximum pressure
Double rope choke
A good time to chat?
Lisa’s smile says it all – Mission Revenge accomplished

All content (c) 2016. All rights reserved.

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