This is a hard fought old school scrap between Lisa King and a newcomer to, Johnny Hall.

He may be lighter than our super heavyweights but he’s still 90 lbs heavier than Lisa and he’s determined to make a good first impression by winning this match.

A reluctant handshake directed by ref Toro makes way for action from the first ring of the bell.

Its fast and furious as these talented wrestlers both use the corners to attack one another. They unleash jabs, kicks and upper cuts aswell as arm and headlocks, body slams, double axe handles, a painful camel clutch and pin attempts.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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A handshake with attitude
A handshake with attitude
Lisa King in control
Against the ropes and in trouble
Ref Toro needs to stop this
“Are you giving up?”
No one puts Lisa King in the corner. And gets away with it!

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Lisa King wins.