News – September 2016

Hi grapple fans! We hope you’ve had a good summer.

September sees the release of 3 exciting new downloads – all same gender contests:

  1. BROOKE BLONDE VS RAVEN – This is our first ever all female match and the wrestler with the most submissions wins.
  2. JORDAN E VS LISA KING – Old school Brit pro action between these two in an exhausting contest featuring virtually an A to Z of holds.
  3. TORO THE BULLY VS LORD TYRANT – This download contains not one but two matches between our super heavyweights who attempt to unmask each other.
Raven grabs a fistful of Brooke’s hair

We will post alerts via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts when these downloads are released around mid-September, so if you don’t follow us on social media, please do.

Lisa in control

In case you’re wondering, new intergender matches will follow later in the Autumn/Fall.

Speaking of which, we’ve had to move our next customs shoot scheduled for September to October. It means there is still time to get your orders in for the male and female wrestlers who will be shooting with us.

Thanks for your continued support,



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