You Tube Bouts Part 6

Here’s our latest round up of recommended free female and mixed matches you can watch on You Tube courtesy of kind promoters in the UK and US.

First up, its no holds barred for Seleziya Sparx who makes Matt Cross’ eyes water in this match up from Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Womens action next, as Candy Cartwright turns a catapult seamlessly into a single leg Boston crab in this bout versus Anna Marie Muccio, courtesy of Richard Ruiz Productions.

CZW‘s regular Dojo Wars shows on You Tube are worth checking out. Fast forward to 41 minutes here to see a short but nicely wrestled heavyweight intergender contest between Terra Calaway and Damien Darling.

Staying with CZW from its “Night of Redemption” show, here is a battle between two talented blondes familar to grapple fans – Candice La Rae and Penelope Ford.

Wales’ Nixon Newell has wrestled worldwide and in the next match she gets to show off her skills closer to home versus another British battler, Bea Prestley, from the promotion WCPW.

Finally for this time, more mixed action and a hard fought bout between Nikki Addams and Mike Law for Warriors of Wrestling. Enjoy grapple fans!


(If any promoter would prefer their match not to be shared in this article, please email me


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