Its Brit pro style wrestling at its best in our first ever womens match.

Experienced grapplers Jordan E and Lisa King square up, with the blonde fan favourite warning her opponent in the black and red leotard, “You’re gonna get it today!”

Two falls, two submissions or a knockout decides the winner as the two start off by punishing each other’s arms.  The action bounces back and forth with Jordan calling Lisa a “b*tch”, making it clear she has zero respect for her.

Holds include: body scissor; Boston crab; camel clutch; elbow drop, hammerlock; head scissor; snapmere; stepover toe hold and a variety of other agonising leglocks!

Each wrestler gets a submission but our first ever womens winner is decided by a long held and devastating hold.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Lisa cranks on the pain
Lisa cranks on the pain
Jordan taunts camel clutched Lisa
Leglocks R Us!
Lisa’s time to tease
Desperate for the ropes

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Jordan E wins!