Download – Jordan E vs Lisa King

Its Brit pro style wrestling at its best in our first ever womens match.

Experienced grapplers Jordan E and Lisa King square up, with the blonde fan favourite warning her opponent in the black and red leotard, “You’re gonna get it today!”

Two falls, two submissions or a knockout decides the winner as the two start off by punishing each other’s arms.  The action bounces back and forth with Jordan calling Lisa a “b*tch”, making it clear she has zero respect for her.

Holds include: body scissor; Boston crab; camel clutch; elbow drop, hammerlock; head scissor; snapmere; stepover toe hold and a variety of other agonising leglocks!

Each wrestler gets a submission but our first ever womens winner is decided by a long held and devastating hold.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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Instant download: 16 minutes 18 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 481 MB

Lisa cranks on the pain
Lisa cranks on the pain
Jordan taunts camel clutched Lisa
Leglocks R Us!
Lisa’s time to tease
Desperate for the ropes

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Jordan E wins!

One thought on “Download – Jordan E vs Lisa King

  1. I must admit it. When I knew promixedwrestling was going to release a female wrestling bout I had many doubts. I mean, no mixed wrestling? no big bullies cheating all the time? This company’s distinguishing feature are tough and hot ladies facing large size bullies. That’s what we want to watch here.

    Well, I was wrong. This company really knows how to make good girl vs girl action. Lisa and Jordan are great wrestlers and they show all their large repertoire of holds and tricks. Two skilled and fierce women fighting to prove who is the best wrestler. I’m looking forward their next female wrestling bout.

    Do you really need another reason to download this match? I have five words for you: Lisa Fury in leopard leotards.

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