Brooke Blonde and Raven wrestle a special all submissions contest, limited to leg and scissor holds only.

The winner gets the most tap outs within 10 minutes, as pro style leg locks and brutal head and body scissors are exchanged. At one point, there’s a double head scissor as both wrestlers try to make the other tap out.

Both women are determined to win this furious contest resorting to hairpulling, name calling and trash talking at times. There’s even a desperate bite!

Eventually the winning wrestler extends a lead and, confident of her victory, she pins down her opponent as she waits for the final bell.

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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The lock up
Fierce rivals
Raven attempts to escape
Brooke locks up her opponent
Raven puts on the squeeze
A satisfying leg lock for Brooke

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Brooke Blonde wins!