Download – Meet the Rookies

Grapple fans, we present to you, two newcomers to wrestling who attended our first rookies’ boot camp…


  • 23 years old
  • 5’5″
  • Signature hold: “Abandon All Hope” (a crushing side head scissor)
A new Hope
A new Hope
Hope ready to wrestle
Hope ready to wrestle


  • 28 years old
  • 5’1″
  • Signature hold: “The Poisoned Rope Choke” (carried out as she drives multiple forearm smashes across the back of her victim)
Poisonous by name and by nature
Poisonous by name and by nature
Beware - trainee heel
Beware – trainee heel

As part of their training, these two newcomers are put to the test with their first ever matches against none other than Toro The Bully.  Hope finds herself experiencing what its like to be on the losing end of a beatdown, as the big man wins multiple submissions against our fresh faced debutante.

Hope vs Toro
Hope vs Toro
No Hope for our heroine
No Hope for our heroine

However, Hope gets the chance to show she’s not just a pretty face, trapping Toro in her signature hold. She calls her crushing side head scissor, “Abandon All Hope”!

Will the big man tap out?
Will the big man tap out?

Portia Poison is a heel in training and in their training match Toro teaches her how to wrestle dirty! “Never trust your opponent” he tells her as a side headlock leads to a brutal gut punch.

Teacher and student
Teacher and student
Portia trapped in Toro's clutch
Portia trapped in Toro’s clutch

Portia proves to her mentor she has the venom to make it as a heel, locking on an agonising arm crank.

Portia comes out on top
Portia comes out on top

Want to see more? We’ve packaged up the highlights of these two matches in a special download, below.


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Instant download: 9 minutes 33 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 279 MB

AND stay tuned as Hope and Portia Poison’s training continues with a submission holds challenge coming soon!


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