Download – Squashing Lisa King 5

This may be Toro’s dirtiest match yet against pro wrestling favourite Lisa King, as he attacks with low blows delivered three ways – via his arm, boot and head!

This starts as a singles match with Lisa confidently delivering forearm smashes against the bully but he swiftly traps our jobber queen in a corner and unleashes illegal move after illegal move.

Wrestling without knee pads or boots, the lower part of Lisa’s body is an easy target for Toro as he crashes down across her legs multiple times and yanks her toes. Other holds include belly claws and punches; elbow drops; rope chokes and a sleeperhold.

If all this isn’t bad enough for Lisa, Lord Tyrant appears mid match and the big men double team the fan favourite – including a back breaking two man surfboard – before multiple body splashes and a matchbook pin seal her fate.


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Instant download: 11 minutes 17 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 331 MB

Lisa is going nowhere
Rolled up, shoulders down
Toe torture
Two big men go surfing
Targeting her toes again
Ladies and gentlemen – the jobber queen!

All content (c) 2016

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