Download – Axa’s Double Deal

Glamorous grappler Axa Jay makes her debut in this match in which her double dealing leads to the double teaming of Lisa King.

Lisa – still smiling from the 2 vs 1 destruction of man mountain Lord Tyrant – suggests to Axa that they team up to dish out punishment to another of her rivals, Toro The Bully.

However, he has a counter offer and, armed with a brown envelope of cash, persuades Axa to swap sides.

What a downright devious and dirty duo they make, as Lisa gets worked over by the mixed team including a back breaking Boston Crab/camel clutch combo,  torturous double arm bar and eye watering leg splits applied by both wrestlers.

Just as Lisa thinks things cannot get worse, Toro eyes up the corner posts and tells Axa, “I’ll squash her and you stinkface her!”

This is definitely not the double teaming and ultimate defeat that Miss Lisa King had planned.


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Instant download: 13 minutes 28 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 397 MB

Lisa's backstage offer to Axa
Lisa’s backstage offer to Axa
Toro’s counter offer
The Camel Crab!!
Axa is having more fun than she thought
Toro makes the pin count
The stinkface is on!

All content (c) 2016

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