Download – Lisa Destroys Axa

Fan favourite Lisa King is often seen jobbing on this site but there is a darker, much more aggressive and dominant side to this wrestler and it comes out in force in this one sided contest versus glamorous Axa Jay.

Axa believes she’s wrestling a light sparring match but Lisa is set on all out destruction of her opponent.

Lisa mixes legit holds like arm and leg stretches, the camel clutch, chin locks, headscissors and single leg Boston crab with dirty moves like biting, eye rakes, hair pulling, modified fish hook and stomp after stomp.

Its partly vengeance for a 2 vs 1 beatdown Axa was part of and also a warning from Lisa to another wrestler. She wants to show tough European grappler Ina Black of what to expect when they fight and she mentions her throughout. After watching Lisa unleash her attack, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that that bout happens soon!


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Instant download: 14 minutes 42 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 433 MB

Glamorous Axa Jay
Glamorous Axa Jay
Lisa The Heel
Lisa The Heel
The fireworks are about to start
The fireworks are about to start
Lisa locks a single leg Boston crab on Axa
A backbreaking submission attempt
Boot to face
Lisa firmly in control…and loving it
Axa Jay – wrestler or seat?!
How much more can Axa take?

All content (c) 2016

See the tables turned and Axa Jay team up with big bully Toro versus Lisa here.

3 thoughts on “Download – Lisa Destroys Axa

  1. Women over women squash destroy matches are the best ….. Fury and L’Vinn would be a great team to go on a squash rampage over opponents


    1. Thanks Darren. We could make a Lisa/Pippa vs Axa/Laken squash tag match happen at our next customs shoot if you’re interested?


  2. I normally like seeing Lisa playing the jobber and Axa is a wonderful villainess, but this exchange roles is just great. Lisa proves to be a true badass, with that rough attitude and all those dirty tricks. On her behalf, Axa looks lovely while she suffers a really hard punishment. Lisa doesn’t save any pro hold or illegal move, as well as all kind of humiliating mockery. That’s true girl on girl femdom in a ring and I love it!
    And if that wasn’t enough, seeing those hot blondies wearing thong leotards, tights, kneepads and wrestling boots is out of this world.


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