Brit grappler Johnny Hall returns with a point to prove in this brutal rematch against Lisa King.

When the pair first met, it was a closely fought contest, damaging the pride of Hall who uses dirty tactics to keep on top throughout.

Johnny Hall told us backstage beforehand: “I’ve put in the best possible prep for this match, watching my male colleagues within squash Lisa King in match after match. I wouldn’t call this kind of wrestling cheating. I’d call it revenge at all costs.”

Hall uses the corners and ropes throughout the match and mixes legal holds, like the Boston crab and camel clutch, with illegal chokes and stomps. King’s biggest breakthrough comes when a misjudged elbow drop gives her a chance to fight back but its short lived.

Its a best out of 3 pins or submissions match giving Johnny Hall plenty of time to work over and ultimately defeat his opponent.


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One for Lisa’s photo album
“Sorry Lisa is a bit tied up right now”
Johnny prepares to drive his forearm across Lisa’s back
Targeting the back
Only one wrestler is having fun. Can you guess who?
Boston is the submission city

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