Download – Squashing Lisa King 6

The last time Lisa King was to face Lord Tyrant one on one, she pulled a surprise on him, teaming up with Brooke Blonde to unleash a 2 vs 1 beatdown of the big man. Still feeling upbeat after this, she agrees to face Tyrant again for a genuine singles match!

The contest starts with wily Lisa attempting to use more underhand tactics to get an advantage. She poses in her corner, accusing her opponent of looking at her legs. Inviting him to take a closer look at how shiny her tights are, she suddenly attacks him with a barrage of forearm blows.

But her plan backfires as a furious Lord Tyrant seizes back control and schools his opponent in how to rule a one sided match.

This contest includes multiple body slams and splashes plus the super heavyweight unleashes a classic pro finisher – the Tongan Death Grip! The turbo jobber is back!!


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The honeytrap
This is how they give bearhugs in Australia!
The dreaded thigh claw
The jobber queen
Leghooked and 1…..2……
Tyrant’s exotic new hold

All content (c) 2016



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2 thoughts on “Download – Squashing Lisa King 6

    1. Hi Neil, just click on ‘Add to cart’ and follow the instructions. You can use credit cards or Paypal to buy matches. Each video can be downloaded instantly via a weblink sent to you by email. Thanks for the question.


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