Reviewing 2016

2016 was our first full year of wrestling action!

Matches featured in this compilation: Old School 2, The Mismatch, Wrestling To The Maxx and Tag Team Time

Where to start in reviewing the year in more detail? Well, A is for Axa and Axa Jay made her debut for us partnering with Toro vs the one and only Lisa King.

From Axa’s Double Deal

But Lisa was in control in another handicap contest. She teamed up with visiting Brooke Blonde to bring down another of our super heavyweights, Lord Tyrant.


Pic from Lisa’s Revenge

Another visitor to was Barefoot Belle – the tiny 4’11” blonde who prefers to wrestle barefoot to get a better grip on her opponents.

However, this was an advantage as small as Belle herself when she faced the 6’2″ giant, Tyrant.

From The Mismatch

Belle’s barefeet inspired Lisa who also went bootless in our first ever tag match – it was the beauties vs the beasts.

Lisa King and Barefoot Belle
Belle in trouble as Tyrant helps Toro put the pressure on

Pics from Tag Team Time

Another guest wrestler to mention is America’s Madi Maxx. The indie star who’s had an incredible year herself wrestled two matches against Toro, in classic UK vs USA battles.

The stomp is on
The stomp is on

From Wrestling To The Maxx

Johnny Hall is a pro talent new to the roster and his first match against Lisa King was a full on, gruelling back and forth battle.

From Johnny Hall vs Lisa King

You asked for all womens action in 2016 and we delivered. Our most popular match saw Axa Jay face a much meaner Lisa King than we’re used to seeing.

Axa Jay is chin locked by a brutal Lisa King

From Lisa Destroys Axa

And, we finish with Lisa – our first lady of wrestling – whose “Squashing” series has now reached episode 6. She is the undisputed jobber queen of Britain!

From Squashing Lisa King 3 and 6

You can see all our releases from this year including matches starring wrestlers including Minxy Li, Raven, Susie Starr and the new Payne Twins at

A huge thank you for your support in 2016. Ordering customs and buying downloads means we can make even more matches with these talented wrestlers.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting action in the new year. You can like us on Facebook for updates or follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

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