Download – Lord of The Banzai Drop

Super heavyweight Lord Tyrant uses his huge weight advantage to its fullest in this one sided match against his arch rival, Lisa King.

The masked mauler takes every chance to punish his opponent, focusing on multiple body slams, corner squashes and splashes to her front and back.

Submission attempts include bow and arrow, Boston crab and over the knee backbreaker.

The contest ends with the classic Banzai drop finisher. In fact, Tyrant isn’t satisfied with his first crash down and seated pin and goes in for more.

This action packed match is sure to please fans of our Squashing Lisa series.


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Instant download: 14 minutes 02 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /413 MB


Tyrant’s got a crush on Lisa!
Corner squash
Stretched out
The heel in control
The aftermath of a Banzai drop
Down but out?

All content (c) promixedwrestling 2016

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