Download – Clash of the Hellcats

You can imagine how the ring announcer would introduce this contest:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a womens singles match – the Clash of the Hellcats. In the blue corner, wearing a leopard print leotard and weighing in at 130 lbs, LISA KING. And her opponent in the red corner, wrestling in the blue leopard print leotard and also weighing in at 130 lbs, LAKEN.  Ladies, no biting, no clawing, no hissing! At the bell, let’s wrestle!!”

The match between these talented wrestlers starts fiercely with non stop reversals within the first two minutes – from a side headlock to a body scissor/full nelson, onto an ankle lock and a camel clutch.

The pace never lets up with Lisa eventually dominating and wrestling dirty including bites, a boot to Laken’s crotch, eye gouging and hair pulling. The heel’s heading for a pin but lifts her opponent at the count of 2 to punish her more.

But the wrestler in blue is too strong to let Lisa take complete charge and she turns the tables, paying her opponent back with some of her own illegal holds and applying painful holds like a Boston crab, figure four head and leg scissors, grapevine and there’s a schoolgirl pin attempt. Laken enjoys every second of her revenge, slinking like a cat around the ring.


More than 17 minutes of classic pro style action, with two wrestlers matched in outfit, weight and skill! To see who wins, scroll past the screengrab images below to the end of the page!

You can download the full match, ringside photo set or both.

Buy the MP4 video download – 17 minutes and 35 seconds in 1280 x 720 HD (518.4 MB), £14.49

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Buy the ringside photo set – 24 large images (5152 x 3678), taken from different angles to video, £6

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Buy the video and the photo set – in one single download (748.3 MB), at one lower price, £17.99

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Video screengrabs:

When a Boston crab isn't enough, grab a fistful of hair
When a Boston crab isn’t enough, grab a fistful of hair
Laken heard it through the Grapevine
Laken heard it through the Grapevine
Seriously locked up
Seriously locked up
A text book finisher
A text book finisher

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Laken wins!

One thought on “Download – Clash of the Hellcats

  1. Just picked this up today. Fun entertaining match. The talented veteran Lisa delivered beautifully, and Laken looks like she’s going to do very well in her athletic future. Decent length (17 min) with some comedic elements and a few low blows as an added spice. I’d definitely purchase the next match I see featuring these two.


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