Grapple fans, its tag team time again and the super sized duo of Toro and Tyrant, Bullies R Us, face two ladies who’ve had a rollercoaster relationship at

Axa Jay and Lisa King put their fierce rivalry, seen in singles ladies action, to one side to form Team Glamour – out to prove that females are the stronger sex.

The men set the tone for their wrestling from the off, as Toro delivers a double low blow to the women before they’ve even entered the ring properly and a double wishbone follows as the masked maulers take charge.

There is lots of double teaming throughout and at times all four wrestlers are in the ring but this is a one sided match in which Banzai drops, corner squashes, low blows and submissions holds like the Boston crab, elevated bearhug and camel clutch keep the big men on top.

Can Axa and Lisa turn things round to grab a surprise win or will this match be another notch on the boys’ bedposts of victories?

To see who wins, scroll past the photo previews to the bottom of the page!


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This man has no respect. For rules. For opponents. For nothing.
Lord Tyrant is feeling good (Axa is not)
Axa is tied up
Punishment and posing
Four in a ring
Time to chat, inbetween squashing Lisa King

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Bullies R Us win! (By a double Tyrant splash!!)