Download – Working Over Laken

If you’ve watched one of Toro The Bully’s first matches in which he rentlessly targeted Lisa King’s legs, you’ll have an idea of what to expect in this latest contest.

His plan is to again focus on working over certain parts of his opponent’s body but the opponent this time is Laken and his targets are her arms and neck.

Holds include: arm stretches; cobra clutch; crucifix armbar; hammerlocks; headlocks; headscissors; sleepers and  full body splashes onto Laken’s arm.

Toro, as usual, has zero respect for his opponent and the rules as he picks her up by her hair, throws her head first into the corner and uses the ropes to help him work her over.

Its a best out of 3 falls match and Laken is clearly a resilient wrestler until a final devastating combo hold seals her fate.


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Instant download: 14 minutes 49 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 436.3 MB

The lock up
The lock up
A knee in the back adds to the pain
Chin locked as the bully settles into control
Chin locked as the bully settles into control
“Does it bend this way?”
The ropes are not Laken’s life line
Almost 300 lbs bears down on Laken – surely its a 3 count?

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