Download – Jordynne vs Maria

Jordynne and Maria may be American indie grapplers but this match has the spirit of Brit pro wrestling running right through it! Its in the back and forth action of this best out of 3 contest, the variety of holds and even the classic old school gear.

Maria starts things on a bad note mocking her opponent’s one piece which is decorated with patriotic red, white and blue tassles. She goes on to pose in the ring, asking, “Are you are all in love with me?” Jordynne just wants to wrestle and, once she gets to grips with Maria, grabs the camera, “Look at her suffer” she says.

Maria fights back against her opponent’s power with dirty tactics: putting her boot to her throat and stomach; slamming her bum into her face and mid-section; choking her out on the ropes and stink facing!

Other moves in this match include: body scissors; body slams; full and single leg Boston crabs; camel clutches; DDT; head scissors and snapmares. The climax is a storm of supplexs until a devastating piledriver seals the fate for the losing wrestler who suffers a 10 count pin. (See at the very bottom of the page if you want to know who wins!)

Examples from the photo set

Our double pack includes the video match at 13 minutes and 22 seconds and 33 posed photographs. The stills are a mix of promo and warm up shots and holds including head scissors, matchbook pins and a piledriver. The images are 914 x 1280.

Please note – the match was shot by an independent producer and its presented in 720 x 480, i.e. not HD or widescreen like our usual videos, but it shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the action. Its an awesome match!

£15 (Total download size 456 MB)

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Video screengrabs:

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Jordynne wins!

One thought on “Download – Jordynne vs Maria

  1. It’s always good to see new faces, especially when one of those faces belongs to Maria Manic. That blondie is my kind of girl: tall, tough and pretty. On the other side of the ring is Jordynne, another rough gal who knows how to fight.

    What we have here is a clash between two strong and skilled female wrestlers, with pro moves, trash talking and fan service (Maria using her cute ass to hit her opponent’s face and belly is wonderful). Pay attention to the final pin, it’s really hot.


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