Download – Bodyslammin’

Probably the greatest rivalry within is between Lord Tyrant and Lisa King and now they return for a special bodyslams challenge.

Lisa’s been working out and, desperate to show off her strength, she challenges her opponent to a first to five bodyslams contest. Mistake. Big mistake.

Tyrant gives her a free pass to apply the move to him first but Lisa’s totally underestimated the power and weight difference between the two and lands in trouble, literally. She’s arching her back in pain by the third bodyslam and Tyrant adds injury to insult applying a Boston crab, DDT, forearm slams, over the knee backbreaker and surfboard.

Eight is the final total of bodyslams before his Lordship orders Lisa out of his ring, kicking her down onto the concrete floor. This is a classic one sided mismatch!


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Instant download: 10 minutes 55 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 321 MB

First move to Lisa but Tyrant shall not be moved!
Seconds before the slam down
Working over her lower back
The Lord of Brutality
Tied up and stretched
Bad back Lisa?

All content (c) 2016-17

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