Download – No Holds Barred

“I’m going to enjoy beating you up today” warns Lisa King before the bell rings in this womens singles rematch. However, Axa Jay – who was beat down last time they wrestled – attacks first, grabbing her opponent by the hair and tossing her into a corner.

It sets the tone for this no holds barred pro style battle including not only illegal moves like belly punches, boots across throats and low blows but also tactics more often seen in a catfight such as clawing, biting and hairpulling.

Inbetween the cheating there is some classic pro wrestling with Boston crabs, elbow and leg drops and various pin and scissor holds. At one point, both wrestlers simultaneously tighten headscissors on each other, both desperate for a submission. And, this is how it is throughout this contest – non stop back and forth action between two wrestlers, both out to win, no matter how many rules they have to break. To see who wins, scroll past the screengrab images below to the end of the page!

You can download the full match, ringside photo set or both.

Examples of ringside photos available
Examples of ringside photos available

Buy the MP4 video download – 16 minutes and 28 seconds in 1280 x 720 HD (485 MB), £14

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Buy the ringside photo set – 24 large images each at 5152 x 3678 (226.2 MB), taken from different angles to video, £6

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Buy the video and the photo set – in one single download (711.8 MB), at one lower price, £17.99

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Video screengrabs:

Axa enjoys her payback
Taking a bite out of Lisa’s thigh
Lisa’s brutal boot
What happens next? A clue – it involves a fist and a belly
A Boston crab is best enjoyed away from the ropes

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Lisa King wins.

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