Download – Laken And The Lord

London grappler, Laken begins this match confidentally, telling Lord Tyrant that the T on his singlet stands for teddy bear. “You’re going to be my teddy bear” she teases him and its not long before she jumps on his back and applies a pretty effective looking sleeperhold.

Its an impressive start by the wrestler in silver but the Lord of the Ring is not a man to be tested and quickly takes control of this match. Laken’s journey from heroine to jobber begins as she suffers multiple belly claws, body slams, corner attacks and full body splashes.  (Final paragraph contains spoiler!)

Holds like banzai drops, a bearhug, DDT and over the knee back breaker continue to punish Laken as Tyrant aborts a leghook pin attempt, saying it would be a “far too easy” win.  So, the Lord of the Ring wears his opponent down even further before locking her up in a final inescapable pin and counting to ten to claim his victory.


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“You’re going to be my teddy bear”
Lord Tyrant’s got a crush on Laken
The Lord of the Ring doles out his punishment
Altogether now! 1…2…?
This is gping to hurt
A heel’s joy

All content (c) 2016-17

NOTE: Laken will be taping your custom matches this March!! Read more here.

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