Our first ever visit to London sees one of the UK capital’s most popular submission grapplers make her pro wrestling debut.

Amethyst Hammerfist vs Lisa King

Amethyst Hammerfist couldn’t have a tougher opponent in the the super experienced Lisa King but the rookie tells her opponent not to go easy on her. Lisa doesn’t intend to and unleashes a headlock take down which the newcomer efficiently reverses with a headscissor.

Lisa has a strong period in control when a crushing body scissors is followed by a series of keister bumps, dragon sleeper. chin lock and ab stretches. But, the newcomer is all fired up; she shows why she’s called Hammerfist, brutally targetting her opponent’s belly and she has no problem using the ropes to help leverage scissor attacks.

A leg hook pin and Camel Clutch submission make it level at one all, when the rules fly out the window and stinkfaces are deployed by both wrestlers desperate to wear each other down. A misjudged low blow leads one of the grapplers to defeat as she’s trapped in a final agonising submission hold….and she’s a sore loser!

To see who wins, scroll past the photos below.


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Amethyst is trapped
Lisa King is cornered
The Hammerfist caught in a submission attempt
Trying to rearrange her opponent’s face
Never underestimate a rookie

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Amethyst will be available to wrestle your custom matches in March 2017.

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Amethyst Hammerfist wins.