Download – Beware of The Booty Monster

Here is action from another two talented stars of America’s indie pro wrestling circuit. This match pits teacher against student as Santana faces Mila Naniki – The Booty Monster!

“I’m really looking forward to our training match” Santana tells Mila as she stretches before the bell. Her opponent replies that she only wrestles legit bouts; “You’re only famous because you’re hot” adds Mila who is out to prove she is the better grappler.

“I’m really looking forward to our training match”

The Booty Monster unleashes everything she’s got: working over Santana in the corner; there are belly claws; kicks; rope chokes; slaps and stomps. Submission holds include a camel clutch, crossface crippler, nerve pinch and not one but two over the knee back breakers.


A supplex leads to the first pin attempt but the winner is spectacular, as Mila pays tribute to a classic pro wrestling heel. Don’t miss it!


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Instant download 10 minutes and 39 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 312.7 MB

The Booty Monster fights dirty
Santana in trouble
“How do you like that Santana?”
A classic submission attempt
An agonising camel clutch
Ladies and gentlemen……MILA NANIKI!

All content (c) 2017

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