Its the gymnast versus the dancer, as debuting Inferno takes on Laken.

Its a back and forth, best out of 3 contest as each of these British wrestlers sets out to bend the other into submission. Sure, both women are flexible because of their backgrounds but just how much twisting can each of their bodies take?

This is a breathless contest for both wrestlers who’re often grappling down on the canvas; they stretch out each other’s legs and lock on varieties of Boston crab, bow and arrrows and surfboards.

“I’m gonna break your back” warns Laken who resorts to belly punches, knees to the midsection and using the ropes illegally to wear down her opponent.

But fiery Inferno fights back, using gymnastic handstands and the splits to trap the dirty fighting heel.

Scroll past the images below to find out who wins.


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The wrestlers lock up
Laken goes surfing
Inferno’s reverse Boston crab
Stretchy submission attempts
How far can she go?
Inferno’s gymnastic skills trap Laken

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Laken wins.