Download – Jordynne vs Maria, The Rematch

There’s a growing rivalry between US wrestlers Jordynne and Maria and its clear to see in this rematch. One submission and a ten count pin decides the winner in this action packed clash.

As in their first match for us, blonde Maria uses dirty tactics throughout. She immediately gets to work on targeting Jordynne’s legs, twisting them around the bottom rope and an agonising leg stretch follows.

Jordynne is one of today’s most powerful female wrestlers and she demonstrates this by lifting her opponent and locking on a crushing elevated bearhug. Her focus on weakening Maria’s back continues as she applies a full/single Boston crab and a camel clutch. Other action from the wrestlers includes a piledriver, sidewalk slam, snapmare, stinkface and supplex.

Jordynne is the first to attempt a 10 count pin as she folds her opponent in half, applying an exceptional matchbook pin. Other varieties of pin follow, see our preview clip and pics, with the final winner applied after the losing wrestler suffers a powerful corner dropkick in the face.

Its a decisive victory, scroll past the photos if you want to see who gets it!


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Instant download 11 minutes and 35 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 341 MB

Maria working over the legs of Jordynne
Leghook pin attempt
Maria is Jordynne’s girl crush. Literally.
Folded up
Stamping out her opponent
A confident reverse pin by Maria

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Maria wins.

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