Download – Muscle Mania

The competition between Axa Jay and Raven is clear from the start, as they each taking turns to show off their muscular arms, back and legs to the camera.

Both wrestlers have impressive strength but one takes charge from the start and uses the match as a chance to show off her mightiness.

Not only does Raven apply holds such as full Boston crabs, in which she viciously bounces across Axa’s back, and a wicked fishhook camel clutch but she adds to the humiliation of her opponent by lifting her opponent and parading her round the ring.

These lifts can inflict pain too, with an aeroplane spin, bodyslam and a punishing torture rack in the mix. The match also includes test of strength, standing headlocks, elevated bearhug and reverse headscissors.

Raven is a wrestling powerhouse and she wants her blonde opponent to respect this power, even ordering her to kiss her thigh muscles. Pucker up Axa!!

You can download the full match video, a picture set taken by our ringside photographer or both.

Three examples of images from photo set (purchased pics in high quality)


Buy the MP4 video download –  15 minutes and 32 seconds in 1280 x 720 HD (458 MB), £13

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Buy the ringside photo set –  31 large images (5152 x 3678/3678 x 5152), taken from different angles to video (280 MB), £7

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Video screengrabs:

Who’s the strongest wrestler – Axa first…
Raven strikes a pose!
Raven picks up Axa like she’s a doll
Boston crab hell
“Kiss my thigh”
Back breaker

All content (c) 2017

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