The Booty Monster, Mila Naniki told us she wanted some big competition and here he is – A-Bomb joins the ranks of our super heavyweights for this mega mismatch.

A-Bomb wastes no time showing off his power as the wrestlers lock up and the Booty Monster’s thrown to the canvas, not once but twice. But don’t rule Mila out so early, she has speed on her side and a cross body sends A-Bomb off balance as its the Booty Monster who gets the first pin attempt.

Mila won’t let this be a squash match, driving forearms into her opponent’s chest, pulling him by the braces and locking on a sleeper. But, not only is A-Bomb super sized but he’s a cheat too and chokes Mila out on the ropes, sitting across her back to add to the agony.

A low blow brings the big man down and a run of booty slams follow.

The climax is a prolonged run of Banzai drops from both wrestlers but who’ll do the most damage and get the 1-2-3 to win? Scroll past the photos to find out!


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A-Bomb reaches for the ropes as Mila Naniki locks on
Crossbody pin attempt
Trapped against the ropes
Mila is cornered
Here comes the Booty Banzai drop
Count it!

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A-Bomb wins.