In an earlier match, Lisa King challenged European grappling powerhouse Ina Black and this match up will happen soon but first here is Ina’s debut for us.

It was planned to be a friendly warm up without rules against another of our regular wrestlers, Laken but Ina quickly takes control and appears to really enjoy making her opponent suffer.

Ina showcases her strength; at one point picking up Laken like a ragdoll and plummeling her body into the corner posts of the ring.

She also demonstrates her incredible submission wrestling skills, from classics like the rear naked and triangle chokes to her own inventions such as a bodyscissor/figure four leg lock combo.

Laken submits six times before her opponent tells her she is not allowed to tap out anymore, setting up an agonising climax with long held body and head scissors.

“I hope next time to be stronger” teases Ina before ordering her opponent to tell her, who’s the boss? The answer is very, very clear. Lisa King – beware!


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Laken’s face says it all!
Laken attempts to counter Ina’s headlock
Enjoy the ride
Ina working over Laken’s arms
And s-t-r-e-t-c-h!
Complete control

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