Download – The Crushing of Johnny Lucha

Johnny Hall describes himself as the number one luchador but his opponent Lord Tyrant calls him a joke!

The ruthless man mountain takes apart his opponent who maybe fit and skilled but completely underestimates the power of the super heavyweight.

As the match begins, Johnny unleashes a barrage of belly punches to Tyrant but they have zero effect on the big man who brings his opponent down with a single forearm strike across the back. And the squash begins.

Holds include: arm wrench, body slam, x 2 Camel clutches, corner avalanches, DDT, elbow drops, and headbutts as Lord T wins multiple submissions. There are also x 2 ten count leg hook pins.

Eventually Johnny is unmasked as his opponent decides there is a forfeit to be paid. He orders the defeated wrestler to use the mask to polish his boots. I wanna see my face in them, he orders.

But, the punishment doesn’t end there as Lord Tyrant’s saidtic streak takes hold and mutiple splashes and a THIRD full Boston Crab seal his destructive victory.


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Instant download 15 minutes and 12 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD / 449 MB

The Lord of the Ring in control
Lucha Johnny is ankle locked
Reaching for the ropes
The blue masked luchador is in trouble
Lord Tyrant goes for a leg hook pin
Clean my boots!

All content (c) 2017

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