What should be an intergender tag match for Allie Parker turns into a brutal 2 vs 1 beatdown as her partner Mila Naniki hobbles in on crutches unable to wrestle.

But the show must go on and Allie climbs through the ropes to face Aria Blake and super heavyweight Barrington Hughes, cheered on ringside by her injured team mate.

The mixed team dominate from the first bell – Blake locks on torturous submission holds and Hughes uses his massive weight advantage to squeeze and squash little Allie. She suffers from a Boston crab, bodyscissors, corner attacks, elevated bearhug, sleeperholds, snapmare and a devastating splash by Hughes.

Finally the action spills out of the ring as Blake seems intent on winning the most decisive victory possible.


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Allie Parker can’t believe what she’s hearing from Mila Naniki
The team of Aria Blake and Barrington Hughes
With this hug Barrington shows Allie he cares…about winning
Aria enjoys taking Allie apart
The aftermath of splashdown
Not a good day at the office for Allie Parker

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