Welcome to the training session from hell, as newbie Spice spectacularly gets on the wrong side of Lisa King.

The fan favourite is demonstrating holds to the pro wrestling rookie, first the camel clutch and then an arm bar. Spice has a go but as Lisa submits the cocky newcomer won’t release her.

Furious Lisa decides to teach her a lesson she won’t forget, doing the same thing as Spice – keeping submission holds locked on after she taps out. The new girl bangs the canvas in submission but teacher Lisa disregards the noise as someone knocking at the door!

Holds include ab stretch, bodyscissors, a full Boston crab and single Boston with thigh claw, dragon sleeper, full nelson and figure four, reverse, side and standing headscissors.

Eventually trash talking Lisa adds humilation to the hurt showing off different pins, like crucifix, matchbook and schoolgirl, as she orders her student to count the 1,2,3! There are dirty tactics throughout and Lisa’s quick witted put downs mean there are plenty of smiles to be had too.

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Video screengrabs:

Spice seems to have mastered the camel clutch
Pleasure and pain
Demostrating a reverse headscissor
The teacher takes time to pose
A lesson in pins
Final score: Teacher 1- Student 0

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