Download – Lisa Destroys Ina

In the earlier match, “Lisa Destroys Axa” Lisa King beatdown Axa Jay to send out a warning to European star, Ina Black. Ina is a medal winning mat grappler but less experienced in the pro wrestling ring and her opponent plans to take full advantage of this.

Lisa explains in a pre-match interview: “Everybody I know seems to be in love with Ina. Well, its time now to be in love with me!” Ina replies, promising to give her a fight but before she can even take off her T-shirt Lisa attacks and tries to use it to strangle her opponent.

This sets the tone for a one sided demolition of Ina Black in which the following dirty tactics are used:

– Bites to fingers and forehead.
– Boots to throat.
– Boots to crotch.
– Eye rake
– Hairpulling.
– Headbutt to crotch.
– Nostril pull
– Rope choke.
– Stinkface.
– Stomach rake.
– Stomps.

Lisa combines her illegal moves with legit holds such as arm and leg stretches, hammerlocks and a number of headscissors. Her final victory is sealed by a crucifix single leghook pin and a drawn out 10 count.

Brace yourself grapple fans, this is Lisa King’s most vicious match yet!


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Instant download:  16 minutes and 32 seconds / MP4 / 1280 x 720 HD /486 MB

Lisa King means business
Ina says she doesn’t understand why Lisa has it in for her
Working Ina’s legs
Lisa holds up two fingers to the rules
Ina’s blackest day
When a figure four headscissor isn’t enough – the stomach rake

All content (c) 2017

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