Here is a follow up to our earlier match called Booty and the Beast which introduced the huge and devastating wrestler, A-Bomb.

His latest opponent/victim is US indie sweetheart, Aria Blake who has already shown herself to be a very capable wrestler in an earlier match for us.

Aria starts impressively, dodging the big man’s efforts to take her down as she sits on the top rope teasing him! She is at her strongest as she plants her boot and butt in his belly, throws him down by his braces and cranks on her trademark sleeper hold.

But A-Bomb is primed to explode and he delivers crushing corner avalanches and a full body splash which almost leads to a winning pin. Aria is at risk of passing out to an elevated bearhug until she escapes by poking her opponent in both eyes!

Despite her feisty spirit, the redhead is finally worn down, as she lays in a corner and A-Bomb unleashes multiple Banzai Drops on her, leading to an eventual 10 count pin.

If you liked Booty and the Beast, you’ll love this sequel!


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Aria teases A-Bomb – come get me!!
Go to sleep!
Covering a mountain
An aerial view of A-Bomb’s full body splash
The crush is on
No mercy

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